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Fire Protection

Fire resistance

Both high quality appearance and certified fire protection

Fire protection is an important part of building planning. TRIMline provides planners and architects with comprehensive advice on the application.


Fulfillment of fire protection specifications

We support architects and planners to fulfil fire protection standards by using our systems. What connection status can be realized? Company has tested and confirmed several partition wall systems and connection combinations. We can provide the necessary tender texts, test certificates and building inspection documents.

Fire protection elements

The non-bearing inner walls stop the spreading of flames, heat and smoke. There is a distinction between the fire retardant F30 and F90 fire-resistant walls. For example, in the case of F30 fire resistance, the room should remain closed for at least 30 minutes and the temperature rise on the side away from the fire should not exceed 180 K.

Fire resistance fittings (FSA) / Fire protection doors

are fire-retardant or fire-resistant walls and doors in the openings of fire walls. The task of fire-resistant fitting is to stop the fire or to prevent it from spreading for a certain period of time. T30, T90 and T120 fire resistance values ​​are distinguished. Fire-resistance fittings must be self-closing by definition (door closer).

Fire resistant ratings

F 30/F 90

F 30

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