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Room Acoustics

We listen carefully

In addition to good sound insulation, TRIMline's sound-absorbing elements integrated partition wall systems also optimize the acoustics in the rooms and provide a more peaceful and concentrated working environment. Together with our project partners, we develop special acoustic solutions that optimize reverberation times, sound level differences and speech intelligibility, and harmonize the opposite effects of building acoustics and room acoustics.

The effectiveness of the sound absorbers depends on their location. The closer the sound is to the source, the more efficient the sound is reduced. Important parameters: reverberation time T and noise absorption degree w. The reverberation times depend on the volume of the space, the geometry of the room, the surface properties and the furniture. The degree of sound absorption is calculated from the materials that meet with the sound. Which sound absorber elements are used depends on the requirements of the customers, the use and geometry of the room and the plan of the workplaces.

Working principle of partition wall absorbers

TRIMline Acoustic Wall Systems, like a broadband sound absorber, combine both building and room acoustics. The simultaneous application of sound absorption and insulation, while providing economic freedom, also enables creative freedom.


Which surfaces are needed to create the best indoor listening conditions? Room acoustics address the sound-absorbing properties of materials and their position in the room. The sound energy reaching the sound absorbing surface is converted into other forms of energy and absorbed. High-quality sound absorbers reduce the sound and improve the quality of the hearing quality of the room.


Reverberation time T: the time for the sound pressure level to sink by 60 dB from when it was created

Absorption degree w: proportion of sound energy which is not reflected; complete reflection  aw= 0; complete absorption: aw = 1

Acoustic systems

• Partition wall absorber

• Wall-mounted absorber

• Free-standing absorber

• Ceiling absorber

• Glass acoustic wall

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