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Sound Insulation

Sound insulation

Our strengths: good sound insulation and suitable working environments

Sound insulation is the most important feature of modular partition wall products of TRIMline Interiors and our solution partner Straehle. Good sound insulation is the most important factor for working environments that are suitable for concentration. In modern offices, acoustic insulation between the areas where the communication-speech is intense and the meeting areas is important. For this reason, we have combined our experience and capabilities with our partition walls, which we produce with acoustically effective materials, in order to achieve high quality solutions.

TRIMline room solutions can be combined as a building kit to comply with the relevant sound insulation requirements. All elements are available as single or double layer components. For example, the necessary sound insulation values ​​can be obtained with different glass combinations, heavy solid walls, wall thicknesses up to 120 mm or with sound absorbers integrated into the wall.

All systems have acoustic test certification. TRIMline Interiors products have been tested according to EN ISO 10140-2 within the scope of TS 2381-1 given by Facade Testing Institute. Our solution partner Straehle products have been tested according to DIN 4109-3 taking DIN 4109 into account.


Building acoustics is a study area that examines the effect of building conditions on sound distribution between rooms. Partition walls reduce sound transmission between rooms. Noise is reduced in order to protect the privacy of neighbouring rooms and to protect privacy.

Important parameters

- R w: sound insulation value of a component, independent of adjoining elements

- R w, P: sound insulation value of a component, independent of adjoining elements, measured on the workbench

- R’w: sound insulation value of a component measured at construction site, considering adjoining elements

Sound insulation

TRIMline SNAP Standart Rw =  48 dB
TRIMline SNAP BD Rw =  42 dB
TRIMline SNAP FL Rw =  41 - 44 dB
Straehle System 2000 Rw,P = 30 - 56 dB
Straehle System 2300 Rw,P = 41 - 54 dB
Straehle System 3400 Rw,P = 32 - 41 dB
Straehle System 3500 Rw,P = 40 - 47 dB
Straehle System T Rw,P = 41 - 44 dB
Straehle System MTS Rw,P = 42 - 47 dB
Straehle Kubus I Dn,T,W = 28 - 32 dB
Straehle Kubus II Dn,T,W = 36 dB
TRIMline MW Movable Walls Rw = 53 dB
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