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Every project represents a new challenge for us. The following companies and institutions are among those who have chosen TRIMline Interiors.

3M Headquarters, İstanbul
Abdullah Gül University Sümer Campus, Kayseri
Acıbadem University Kerem Aydınlar Campus, İstanbul
Affiniti Turkey, İstanbul
AIG Insurance Headquarters, İstanbul
AK Insurance Headquartes, İstanbul
Akbank Operation Center, İstanbul
Allianz Insurance Headquarters, İstanbul
Allianz Operation Center, Izmir
Amedeus, İstanbul
Anadolu Cam, Kocaeli
Anadolu Insurance Headquarters, İstanbul
Analog, İstanbul
AND Offices, İstanbul
Arçelik Sütlüce Headquarters, İstanbul
Arde Offices, İstanbul
Arkema Headquarters, İstanbul
Astellas - Turkey, İstanbul
B/S/H Headquarters, İstanbul
Bahrain Airport,
Balıkesir Chamber of Industry, Balıkesir
Bank Mellat HQ Office, Tehran
Baray Mechanical Headquarters, İstanbul
Berko Construction HQ, İstanbul
Birlesim Group of Companies, İstanbul
Boehringer Ingelheim Turkey Offices, İstanbul
Borusan Energy Admin Building, İstanbul
Borusan Energy HQ, İstanbul
Boydak Holding HQ, Kayseri
BP HQ, İstanbul
British American Tobacco Office, İstanbul
BTS Law Office, İstanbul
C&A Headquarters, İstanbul
Cagla Group Offices, İstanbul
Calik Holding Headquarters, İstanbul
Casper Logosoft Headquarters, İstanbul
Cevik Atölye, İstanbul
CRODA, İstanbul
Datateknik Offices, İstanbul
Deloitte Turkey Offices, İstanbul
Denizbank - Intertech Building, İstanbul
Derindere Management Offices, İstanbul
Dilmenler Office, İstanbul
Dogus Automotive, İstanbul
Dogus Automotive Headquarters, İstanbul
Dogus Holding Headquarters, İstanbul
Dohler Food, İstanbul
Döhler, İstanbul
Duraline, Kocaeli
Ebay Offices, İstanbul

Eczacıbaşı Holding HQ, İstanbul
Egemenoğlu Law Office, İstanbul
Eli Lilly HQ, İstanbul
EPIAS, İstanbul
EPIAS Meeting and Education Hall, İstanbul
Erdemir HQ, İstanbul
Ernst & Young Headquarters, İstanbul
Eyup Sabri Tuncer HQ - Istanbul, İstanbul
Fenerbahce Collage Conference Hall, İstanbul
Financial Intermediary Federation, İstanbul
First Star Company Offices, Riyagh
Galataport, İstanbul
Gamegos, İstanbul
Gemport Administrative Building, Bursa
Goodyear Offices, İstanbul
Halkbank HQ Additional Service Building, İstanbul
Ibrahim Etem Menarini, İstanbul
Inci Deri HQ, İstanbul
Invest, İstanbul
Ispak Flexible Packaging Man. Offices, Kocaeli
Kastamonu Entegre HQ Offices, İstanbul
KPMG Head Quarters - Istanbul, İstanbul
Kuehne Nagel İstanbul HQ, İstanbul
Leasenplan Offices, İstanbul
Lego Offices / Adore Toys, İstanbul
Limak Center Office,
Limak Holding HQ, İstanbul
Mars Logistics Head Office, İstanbul
Maslak Office, İstanbul
Medina International Airport, Medina
Mercedes Benz Türk HQ, İstanbul
Mercedes Benz Türk IT Offices, İstanbul
Mercedes, İstanbul
Mey, İstanbul
Muallimköy Technology Center, Kocaeli
Namet HQ, İstanbul
Netaş Headquarters, İstanbul
NN Hayat ve Emeklilik HQ, İstanbul
Nokia, İstanbul
Nokia, İstanbul
Nycomed HQ, İstanbul
Odeabank HQ, İstanbul
Omur Steel HQ, İstanbul
Oracle Offices, İstanbul
Ototrim Factory Offices, İstanbul
Ozel Balikesir Isabet Okulları, Balıkesir
Ozyegin University Cekmekoy Campus 1. Stage, İstanbul
Ozyegin University Cekmekoy Campus 2. Stage, İstanbul
P&G HQ Offices, İstanbul

Paksoy Law Office, İstanbul
Paypal HQ, İstanbul
Pelsan, İstanbul
Pepsi-Co Fritolay HQ, İstanbul
Pepsi-Co Tekfen Tower Headquarters, İstanbul
PEPSICO Offices, İstanbul
Perko Headquarters, İstanbul
Piri Reis University Tuzla Campus, İstanbul
President Hotel, İstanbul
PwC, İstanbul
Qualitair & Sea, İstanbul
Renault Mais HQ, İstanbul
Riyadh Airport, Riyagh
Rollmech Automotive Headquarters, Bursa
Rönesans Holding HQ, Ankara
Sabiha Gokcen Airport, İstanbul
Sahibinden.com Offices, İstanbul
SAP Anel Offices, İstanbul
Schenker Arkas HQ, İstanbul
Sompo Japan HQ, İstanbul
Studio 13, İstanbul
T. Şişe ve Cam Fabrikaları A.Ş. HQ, İstanbul
Tadım Gıda A.Ş Marketing Offices, İstanbul
Tadım Gıda A.Ş. Ataşehir Offices, İstanbul
Tadım Gıda A.Ş. Gebze HQ, İstanbul
Taegutec HQ, İstanbul
Turkish Contractors Association HQ, Ankara
Thyssenkrupp Istanbul HQ, İstanbul
Torun Bakır Academy, İstanbul
Total HQ, İstanbul
Trendyol, İstanbul
Trendyol İzmir, Izmir
TRIMline Kartal Showroom, İstanbul
Turkish Finance Bank HQ, İstanbul
Turkish Football Federation, İstanbul
Turkish Notaries Union, Ankara
Unilever HQ, İstanbul
Uygar Architecture Showroom (2012), İstanbul
Vakıf Emeklilik Headquarters, İstanbul
Vakıfbank İFM HQ, İstanbul
Viko Headquarters, İstanbul
Vinero Wine Factory, Çanakkale
Volkswagen Dogus Finance HQ, İstanbul
Xalkbank, Baku
Yapi Kredi Bank ACCR, Kocaeli
Yapı Kredi Bank Academy Building, Kocaeli
ykb management offices, İstanbul
YKK Offices, İstanbul
Yolbulan Plaza, İstanbul
Yurtbay Seramic HQ, İstanbul

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