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Vakıfbank Head Quarter İFM

 The interior design of Vakıfbank Headquarters building, within the scope of the Istanbul Financial Center project, was carried out by Aukett Swanke Architecture.

In Glazed modules in office areas; Special acoustically insulated modules with a sound insulation value of 41 dB in the SNAP FL system and 48 dB in solid modules are used. 
Integrity is achieved in office areas by using double-glazed modules without vertical profiles and curved and flat solid panels integrated into the system.
66mm bonded double glass and wooden door wings were preferred for all venue doors.
Hidden cabinet units have been placed within the slotted cladding panels around the core at points suitable for personnel use.

In the president's rooms, general manager and deputy general manager rooms on the management floors, cabinet units integrated into the full panels inside the office were used, and thanks to this system, both sound insulation was preserved and a compact appearance was achieved.

In-system sliding door solutions have been applied in the interior passages of the office rooms in the management areas and in the internal terrace areas.

A glass and metal effect was achieved on the walls with the special glossy Glossmax ® panels used throughout the project.

Total Project Facts :
On 40 Floors
6,000 m2 Snap FL and SLIMline Modular Partition Wall systems,
16.000 m2 Snap CL Wall Covering,
684 pcs. Doors and
786 pcs. integrated in-wall Cabinets was carried out with TRIMline Wood application .

Photos: Gurkan Akay

Project Info

Location İstanbul - Finans Merkezi
Year 2023
Rönesans İnşaat
Swanke Hyden
Products - SNAP FL
- Wood Solutions
- SLIMline

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