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Tailor-made Wooden Works

Tailor-made Wooden Works

We especially attach importance to custom-made project solutions which is the most difficult issue for designers. As a result of close work and efficient exchange of information between TRIMline's team and the designer we achieve superior quality in the details. We take each project as a new challenge, with our "boutique solutions" approach. We advise, plan and produce to match the project, to address the individual requirements, which enables us to have unique case-studies.

TRIMline produces "custom made" office furniture, with an aesthetic and functional design manner, in order to serve positive working place solutions.

As a result of believing in "Interiors" concept, TRIMline satisfies all needs in ideal office life, with congruity of material, dimension and color, correct positioning and efficient space usage, practical and elegant and perfectionist solutions of its systems.
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