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Kubus I

Kubus I Room-in-Room solutions

Straehle Kubus I system is a single glazed room in room solutions for modern office concepts.

The system enrich modern, open office concepts with high-grade retreat areas. As it can be freely
positioned in rooms and enables efficient use of space.

The cube can be flexibly configured, is highly soundproofed and has extremely functional equipment.

The all-glass cube provides confidentiality in large open-plan offices without impairing their transparency
and their open character. The elegant aluminium structure of Kubus I with its all-glass, externally-flush design
fits smoothly into the existing architecture.

Technical details

Design: Fully glazed cube with aluminium supporting structure and single glazing
Lenghts: 2.706 / 3.956 / 5.206 mm Width: 2.774 mm
Height: 2.500 mm
Glazing: 10 mm toughened glass / 16 mm laminated glass
Sound insulation: 10 mm toughened glass: Dn,T,w = 28 dB (equivalent to R’w of approx. 34 dB)
16 mm laminated glass: Dn,T,w = 32 dB (equivalent to R’w of approx. 39 dB)
Stability: Internal, statically approved support design
Multifunctional wall: Integrated absorber element and panel for securing screens
Ventilation: Integrated combined ventilation and air extraction device, output of up to 210 m3/h

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