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Frameless single glazed wall partition systems

The SLIMline System all-glass partition wall combines maximum transparency with high cost-effectiveness. Its basis is formed by a variable aluminium floor and ceiling profile, which can support a number of different types of glazing. The glazed profiles are easy to install and allow for building tolerances. You can choose from a number of different sliding and hinged door elements made of glass or wood, with either aluminium or wooden block frames.

The SLIMline System partition wall offers great variability while at the same time reducing the design to the essentials. It is fully compatible with other TRIMline partition wall systems and suitable for corridors in which high transparency is required. Planners can vary the degree of transparency and the appearance of the glazing as desired by using adhesive films and decals. The SLIMline System can equally be used to create highly soundinsulated glass fin connections on façades, also in conjunction with insulated glass. This predestines it for companies that wish to see their open working culture reflected in the structure of their rooms.

Technical details

Design: All-glass construction
Construction: Single glazed 10-24 mm toughend safety glass / acoustic laminated glass
Element types: All-glass, ceiling-high
Surfaces: Aluminium profiles in E6 EV1 or powder-coated
Wall thickness: 40 – 50 mm
Glass joint: Adhesive strip seals
Sound insulation: Up to 41 dB
Doors: All-glass doors, aluminium-frame doors, solid doors, sliding doors
Accessories: Absorption elements (fitted as a shell in front of the glass)

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