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Movable partition wall technology from TRIMline

Movable wall systems allow you to make flexible designs in different projects with different architectural, aesthetic, acoustic and sound insulation requirements. TRIMline is your reliable partner for your tailor-made partition needs.

New rooms in open areas,
Room-in-room solutions to modern office insights

Thinking, retreat, conference, concentrating, silence: our German quality KUBUS System product solution allows you to create new rooms in open spaces. With our room-in-room systems, modern open office spaces are enriched with high-quality retreat rooms. Thanks to this system which can be placed as desired and can be moved, transparency in open spaces is preserved. This highly sound-insulated and highly functional system can be flexibly placed. The KUBUS system, which can include state-of-the-art presentations and multimedia components, creates the “smart room” option in the office planning, and it contributes to the different ways of experiencing spaces.

Exclusive Partition Systems

Movable Walls

MW Movable Wall

MW Movable Glass Wall

Room-in-Room Systems

Kubus I


SENSbox Acoustic POD Rooms






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