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Create pure and modern offices
with Modular Partition Walls

Thanks to many years of partnership between our TRIMline Interiors and Straehle Company, we are at your service with both quality products of Straehle and our TRIMline product solutions that are always well known with the newest type of details and innovation and produced in Balikesir, Turkey. Our modular partition systems combine aesthetics, function and architectural freedom to create modern office environments. With our integrated sound insulation and acoustic systems, you can create optimum working environments. Our solutions turn open office areas into functionally designed spaces. Thanks to their modularity and easy installation, they ensure flexible implementation of not only today’s but also future plans.

With units from wood, glass or aluminum, the options are almost unlimited. For many office plan options, you can get the same look by using combination of different TRIMline systems.

Glazed Wooden Partition

W System

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