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Free, Creative and Functional Products

As a team of architects, we know how important our solution partners are in buildings. For successful results, we want to ensure that not only the quality of the materials, but also the product we choose to take pleace in our team, travels to new ideas with our designs, combines design with its technology, creates practical and intelligent solutions and stands up for a sustainable life.

The most important of all these influences that make up TRIMline's brand power is the philosophy of “Never stop being on designers’ side!” In order to achieve this, we pledged with the slogan “Free World of Measures!”

Exclusive Partition Systems

Movable Walls

MW Movable Wall

MW Movable Glass Wall

Room-in-Room Systems

Kubus I


SENSbox Acoustic POD Rooms






WC Cubicle

Full Height Cubicles

Full Height WC Cubicle Partition


Wall Organization Systems

Snap Wall Organization

Wall Organization

Tailor-made Wooden Works

Tailor-made Wooden Works

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