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Snap Standard

Clipsed wall partition systems

Jointed and clipsed partitions wall system. A steel spring system connected to hidden steel carrying studs through clipping. 
Vertical and horizontal joints of 6 mm. The availability of easy assembly and disassembly through single-glazing half mono-block units.
The most distinguishing factor about the system is that it grants nearly an unlimited opportunity for design.
Relocatable partition modules created through vertical and horizontal designs: Solid, full glazed, top glazed etc, panels with overhead glazed etc.

Wide range of production options: HPL, veneers, paint, textile, painted glazed, lace, fabric, painted glazed panel fit out, door types, sound absorbing elements.
Wall height up to 6 m.

High sound insulation up to 48 dB.

Technical details

Design: Design with stud
Options: Solid wall, framed glazing (double and single)
Element types: Solid wall, fully glazed, horizontally divided
Surfaces: Solid wall (melamine, veneered, HPL or lacquered)
Glass wall (float glass / toughened safety glass, acoustic laminated glass)
Anodized / powder - coated aluminium glass frame
Wall thickness: 100 mm
Joints: 6 mm - vertical and horisontal
Sound insulation: Up to 48 dB
Accessories: Acoustic absorbers, blinds, accessory systems