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Straehle System T

Wooden glazed wall system

The partition wall System T with its wooden beam and post design creates a warm atmosphere within the room. The clean and minimalist design creates its visual effect from the relationship between wooden surfaces and flush glazing. The system offers a friendly and intelligent alternative to steel and aluminium structures.

System T is a relocatable partition wall system of beam and post design with a substructure of veneered plywood posts. The glass surfaces are fitted flush to the surface of the substructure using brushed stainless steel fixings. Timber as carbon-neutral material emphasises a sustainable architecture.

Technical details

Design: Post-and-beam wall system, flush glazing system
Finish: Double glazing 6-8 mm toughened safety / laminated glass
Element types: Fully height units
Surface: Veneered posts
Wall thickness: 100 mm
Section dimensions glass wall: 35 mm
Sound insulation: up to Rwp 44 dB
Doors: Hinge door with timber or aluminium door frames sliding doors (ceiling controlled)